Tweedvale Pipe Band’s contest season ended on a high note last Saturday 12 September with their participation in the St Ronan’s Pipe Band Championships. Held in the grounds of St Ronan’s Primary School the Innerleithen contest, as has become a bit of an unwanted tradition, suffered from some atrocious weather conditions. In fact the rain was so torrential that it forced the Novice Juvenile and Grade 4 contests indoors to the school assembly hall. Luckily for the remaining bands and the large crowds, the weather improved through the afternoon allowing the Grade 3 and Grade 2 events, both of which Tweedvale were competing in, to take place out of doors in ever improving conditions. Both of Tweedvale’s performances were markedly better than those of the previous week at Peebles with all band members being much happier with their efforts after they left the field of play. When the results were announced, Tweedvale Pipe Band was placed 4th in Grade 3 winning the William McEwan Memorial Trophy. The Grade 3 contest was won by Stockbridge Pipe Band. Tweedvale were placed 2nd in Grade 2 winning the CLM Consultants Cup, that event also being won by Stockbridge Pipe Band. After the prize-giving ceremony was concluded, Tweedvale Pipe Band, along with several others, paraded from St Ronan’s Primary School to Innerleithen High Street entertaining sizeable crowds that had gathered in the early evening sunshine. Good fortune as well as the sun was shining on Tweedvale Pipe Band as they were also awarded the Joyce Gordon Memorial Shield for best band along the street.

Speaking about the results of the Peebles contest, Tweedvale’s Pipe Major Bruce Gillie said, “Whether you call it 4th or last, I’m pleased that the band picked up prizes at the Innerleithen contest. Our Grade 3 performance was by far the best performance of our season. The Grade 2 performance was not quite as good as the Grade 3 performance but still much better than in previous weeks and is proof that the band is heading in the right direction. I’d like to thank all the band members for their hard work over the last few months, and all the band’s supporters for their support over the season. We now have a really good idea of where we stand in the Grade 3 competition arena and I’m sure that with a hard winter of practice and two new competition sets to perfect, we can build towards a good year next year for Tweedvale Pipe Band”

The St Ronan’s Pipe Band Championships concluded Tweedvale Pipe Band’s competition season. With the season now over, Tweedvale have been making plans for next season with a revamp of the band’s repertoire on the cards as well as some major fundraising in order to replace instruments and refurbish uniforms. The band is also keen to attract new members. If anyone is interested in joining a Grade 3 competition band that also has a busy season of street parades and other playing commitments, they are invited to get in touch with the band by turning up at one of the regularly scheduled band practices, on Monday and Thursday nights in the Vale Club Innerleithen, or by surfing to the bands website at for further information, or by getting in touch via the band’s Facebook page. All are welcome, whether experienced musician or complete beginner.

The full results of the St Ronan’s Pipe Band Championships Grade 3 contest can be found here.

The full results of the St Ronan’s Pipe Band Championships Grade 2 contest can be found here.

Details of the Day

Grade 3 and Grade 2 – MEDLEY – Bessie Weatherston, Wee Buns, Minnie Hynd, Lonely Loch Nan Eun, Because He Was A Bonnie Lad, The Wisemaiden, Dancing Feet.

Number of Pipers – 10.

Number of Side Drummers – 2.

Number of Bass Drummers – 1.

Number of Tenor Drummers – 1.

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