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Like the name implies, a Pipe-A-Thon is a marathon piping session which the band has found to be one of its most effective fundraising events. Basically what happens is the pipe corps gather together and play tunes continuously for a period of twelve hours, each piper playing individually in turn so that the sound of the pipes is heard for the whole twelve hour period. They are sponsored for their efforts.

As well as being a great fundraising event it is also a great practice session where individual
pipers can iron out any problems they are having with tunes. Towards the end of the event the drummers join in and the whole band run through set after set. In each of the last three years the band has raised well over £1000 from its annual Pipe-A-Thon.

Donate to PipeBand-A-Thon 2021 via JustGiving now!


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