A listing of the active tunes sets that the band can play in competitions or at public engagements. This is constantly under review.

4/4 Marches4/4 Marches4/4 Marches
Scotland the Brave.
Rowan Tree.
Bonnie Galloway.
(On St Ronan’s)
Crags of Tumbledown Mountain.
Lord Lovat’s Lament.
Sruleen Park.
The Bear Gates.
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie.
Galloway Hills.
9/8 Marches6/8 Marches6/8 Marches
Bathgate Highland Gathering
Cleikum Centenary March
Battle of the Somme
Heights of Dhargai
Muckin’ o Geordie’s Byre
Bonnie Dundee
The Steamboat
Cock of the North
Dovecote Park.
Jean Mauchline.
3 /4 Marches3 /4 Marches2/4 Marches
Green Hills of Tyrol
The Battle’s O’er
Bloody Fields of Flanders.
Kilworth Hills.
Barren Rocks of Aden
Nut Brown Maiden
G3B March Strathspey ReelG3B Medley6/8 Jigs
Walter Douglas MBE.
Archie Duncan.
Colonel MacLEod.
Lt Col DJS Murray.
The Duck.
Dr Flora McAuley, Carradale.
The Mingulay Boat Song.
Mac 'n Irish.
The Ale is Dear.
Banjo Breakdown
Glasgow Police Pipers
Slow & JigPub SetOther Tunes
The GaelWe Will Rock You
Rocking the Baby
The Beltane Song
Come O’er the Hills tae Peebles
Auld Lang Syne
Highland Cathedral
Flower of Scotland
Rose of Kelvingrove
Leaving Leithenside
The Hokey Cokey
The Bonnie Black Isle